Bathroom Remodeling

long island bathroom remodeling

Whether you want a Complete Redesign or a Simple Change…Royal Kitchens & Baths will do it all.

When you need to escape and be in solitude, nothing’s more perfect than Your Bathroom Design. Royal Kitchens & Baths of Long Island will create a Bathroom Design that will give You the space to relax, breathe easy, gather your thoughts, and completely rejuvenate. We don’t overlook a single aspect of your bathroom project ,we carefully pick out your faucet, cabinet, bathroom mirror, and tub to perfectly match each other.

Our team of craftsmen will change the Design of Your Bathroom into an intimate & functional and attractive oasis for You. Furthermore, Our Designs will take advantage of all the available bathroom space to truly make the most of what you have in Your Long Island home.

 Bathroom Remodeling Design Long Island


We can easily create a complete redesign for Your Bathroom. Our Bathroom Design Team is able to create anything from a Classic White Bathroom to one with a Colorful, Vibrant design. The professionals here at Royal will discuss Your Expectations with You and draft bathroom design You’ll love, involving You in every stage of the process.

 Bathroom Remodeling Design Long Island


Using only the finest materials available, we conduct meticulous work in every design job. We offer many beautiful materials including tile that will match any kind of style You have in mind. If you’re not sure what design materials to decide on, we’ll give you recommendations based on Your Needs and Preferences. Visit our Showroom Page for Full Bathroom Examples and Bathroom Products available for your consideration.

 Bathroom Remodeling Design Long Island


Royal Kitchens & Baths of Long Island makes it easy to make any kind of renovation to Your Bathroom, no matter what size it is. Whether you’d like to just replace your sink or perhaps have a new tub put in as well, we’ll provide You with the design change you need. These upgraded structures will easily enhance your daily routine.

 Bathroom Remodeling Design Long Island


It can seem daunting to perform an entire Bathroom Design Remodeling Project, but Royal Kitchens & Baths of Long Island makes it simple. Our team personally handles every aspect of it so nothing gets lost in miscommunication. This also speeds up the entire process. We’ll be able to bring any functional layout you have in mind to life so you can have an easier time with your morning routine.