Ways to Maximize Space through a Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are not only a practical space; they can serve as a retreat from the day, a quiet oasis where an at home spa can be realized.  However, for many homeowners, bathrooms are a source of frustration as they not only fail to serve as a spa, but also fail to have adequate space to store basic bathroom necessities.  A bathroom remodel may solve those problems, maximizing small space and minimizing homeownership frustrations.

Knocking down walls to create a physically larger space is messy and expensive, not to mention it may take space away from other rooms or closets in your home.  Luckily, there are remodeling techniques that can be used to make a small bathroom space appear more spacious and increase functionality.

Let in the light.  Both natural and artificial light help a small space appear larger.  Adding large windows that are not obstructed by buildings or trees to let in natural light is the best way to add light into a space.  However, if adding windows exceeds the budget, the addition of recessed lighting, a chandelier or spotlights will help expand even the smallest space.

Color is key.  Dark colors make a room look uninviting and small.  For a small bathroom, neutral, natural colors are the key to making the space appear larger than it is.  White, cream or light pastel colors work best for walls, tiles and flooring.  One color pattern should be used to avoid a crowded, cluttered and distracted feel.

Bigger is better.  When choosing a bathroom floor, bigger tile makes a smaller space appear larger.  With smaller tile, there are more grout lines that make the room feel cluttered.  Large tiles or a complete floor covering is more inviting.

Mirrors are a friend.  Mirrors distort reality: the addition of a mirror will make the room appear larger on its own.  When remodeling a bathroom, the addition of more mirrors will instantly make the room appear larger.  In addition to the mirrors that hang above the sink, add a larger mirror to the wall for a decorative look and larger feel.

Utilize adequate storage.  While large cabinets are clunky and can leave the space feeling cramped.  In small spaces, innovative storage spaces are imperative; these can include wall hooks, hidden drawers and above the toilet storage.  Products can also be stored in a bedroom or linen closet to leave a bathroom less cluttered.

Find fixtures that work.  With small bathrooms, it is quite common that bathtubs, sinks and other fixtures appear to take up the entire space.  However, there are a multitude of space-saving fixtures, including corner sinks and compact bathtubs that will help save space.

Consult an Expert.  Remodeling and redecorating a bathroom without professional expertise can be difficult.  Royal Kitchen & Baths is the premier Long Island bathroom remodeling company.  We will get it right the first time, avoiding costly mistakes for a perfect end product.  Your new bathroom will be the bathroom oasis of your dreams.

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